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About us

We are 21st-century water Purification Company with a vision of providing Pure, Healthy, Safe & Sweet drinking water for making the world a healthy and a happy family. Our company is highly regarded for the development and research in innovative water purification products to provide our customers with a large range of RO models.

Water is the essence of life, yet it is the one resource in our world that continues to deteriorate. We have become accustomed to opening a faucet and expecting the water we use to be safe and pure. Our environment has been continuously assaulted by toxic waste and chemical dumping and every day we learn of another region or town where the public health has been threatened. Whether your water comes from a municipal supply or from a private well, you are concerned about the water quality. Introducing SUNRISE AQUA SOLUTIONS the next evolution in whole home water purification. Because drinking of pure water is a way to enjoy a healthy life.

Company Profile

SUNRISE is a young and dynamic company with a rich experience in water purification systems. The company is a premier manufacture of water purifiers for residentail and commercial application with a proactive research wing to develop new products with the latest technology. SUNRISE has given an extremely wide range of water purifiers to the Indian market, with the most advanced consumer friendly, at the most reasonable prices. The company has an elaborate qulity control system to assure only the best purifiers reach your doorstep.

A Nationwide distributoin and after-sales provides uncompromising service to all valued customers. Service and spares are just a phone call away, thanks to the company's quick response time. So if you are looking for best value for money and quality service, trust SUNRISE'S range to SUNRISE SOLUTIONS WATER PURIFIERS.

Anti Oxidant Alkaline Water Technology

Alkaline RO purification technnology provides purification by alkaline RO combined with pH + Carbon + Sediment filters. The carbon and sediment filters remove both suspended and dissolved impuriries. Its is state-of-the-art Alkaline filter maintains the pH level as well as minerals essential for human body.

NEXA unique technology brings with itself the power of RO without mixing purified with impure water to maintain the TDS. Instead its antioxidant alkaline filter purifiers water while persistently maintaining natural minerals essential for human body.

Difference Between
Acidic / NEXA Alkaline Water

Normal RO Water

NEXA Alkaline Water


An acid is a chemical species that has a pH below 7


An alkaline solution is a chemical that has a pH above 7


Aqueous solutions are composed of H+ ions


Aqueous solutions are composed of OH- ions


Sour Tasting


Bitter Tasting






Can be neutralized by bases


Can be neutralized by acids